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Terms and Conditions

Whitehead's Doggy Daycare

Please Read !


1. All Dogs in Daycare must be fully vaccinated. A current certificate of vaccination must be presented at date of Registration and a copy will be made. The copied certificate will remain at Whitehead's Doggy Daycare on file. Failure to provide a valid vaccination card for each pet will prevent them from boarding.

2. As Whitehead's Doggy Daycare is a daytime care service, if your dog becomes destructive or aggressive during their stay we reserve the right to call your emergency contact and ask that they come and collect your dog.

3. THE OWNER accepts that a veterinary surgeon will be called if Whitehead's Doggy Daycare think it necessary & any resulting fees will be payable by THE OWNER.

4. Payment for Daycare is due in advance. We accept Cash payment, please advise if this is the case and we will take on day of boarding. 48 hrs notice must be given if cancelling your dog's daycare. If this time has not been given you may be charged full cost of daycare.

Payment details-Name on Account-Mr Martin Whitehead
Sort Code-04 03 70
Account No-32240955

5. If your Dog becomes ill whilst in our care and our veterinary surgeon thinks the Dogs illness may be contagious, Whitehead's Doggy Daycare will call your emergency contact you have provided and ask for your dog to be taken into their care. THE OWNER will have agreed this with their chosen emergency contact before the pet comes into Whitehead's Doggy Daycare.

6. During the period of boarding, Whitehead's Doggy Daycare will exercise every possible care and attention to the welfare and safety of the Dog/s, however, Whitehead's Doggy Daycare accepts no responsibility for problems outside of their control.

7. We ask that THE OWNER informs us of ANY illnesses or medical conditions at the time of the Registration, on the booking form and at the dogs' delivery for their stay. Whitehead's Doggy Daycare reserve the right to refuse taking a dog that is unwell or has a contagious illness. Whitehead's Doggy Daycare reserve the right to cancel any booking if they feel a dog may be carrying a contagious illness.

8. You must inform us of any fact, quality or characteristic which might render your dog unsuitable for daycare (for example; behavioural or health problems)

9. Although we have a comprehensive Insurance policy, all dogs boarded must be fully insured by their owner.

10.Please ensure you bring enough food to cover your dog's stay with us.



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